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How to get access to people's snapchat memories and download them efficiently By Hackfreaks


🔰 How to get access to people's snapchat memories and download them efficiently 🔰

This tutorial is not very difficult and probably nothing new, but I haven't seen anything of this methond on this forum yet and some people created threads asking about Snapchat hacking related stuff. Maybe for some of you this is no big deal, but I think not everyone knows that this is possible. This tutorial should also show an efficient way of this method. Keep in mind that this method is for getting the data of random people, not a specific victim.

First of all, Snapchat provides the opportunity to log into your account via browser on https://accounts.snapchat.com/accounts/login

Once you are logged in you can go to "My Data" and Snapchat creates a ZIP file for you which contains various information about your Snapchat account. The ZIP file also contains a link with which you can download the memories of that Snapchat account via browse

What is even the use of getting the memories of someone's snapchat account? Primarly just getting nudes. A lot of girls save them in their snapchat memories.

There you need the email/account name of the victim as well as the phone number. This is not always the case if you don't know much about the person. You also need to rely on the possibility that the person falls for your SMS.

So let's get started:

What you need:

1. A good combolist /database. It is important that you have an email:pass list where you know you get a lot of hits. There are some good new leaked databases in this forum, you'll find something.

2. A VPN

Firstly you focus on a specific country your victim has to be from. Choose an email that gets used by the people from this country. (For example Germany live.de, hotmail.de, gmx.de etc.). Then connect with your VPN program to a German server. NordVPN isn't maybe the best VPN to use for yourself, but I guess it is used by most of you and you can easily connect to a big number of countries.

It is important that you use an IP from the country your victim is from. With a gmail address for example it is difficult to predict where from the person is.

I don't have a Snapchat cracker and also didn't really search for it. So we are talking about copy & paste the login info manually.

There are now 3 outcomes:

1. The login info is incorrect -> Try the next person

2. The login info is correct and you can successfully log in.

3. The login info is correct but Snapchat recognizes suspicious activity.

Let's focus first on outcome number 2. After that number 3.

So now since you could log in without any problems go to the option "My Data". Scroll down and click on "Submit Request". Now Snapchat creates the ZIP file. It depends on the amount of memories the victim has in his/her snapchat account how long it takes until the ZIP file is created. It can take to 1-2hours if it is a lot of data (!). If it takes very long it is possible that Snapchat wants you to type in the password again, so look that you don't loose the password.

Very rarely Snapchat fails to create the ZIP file, I don't know why. (Usually a sign that it failed is when you click on "Submit Request" again and Snapchat starts to create a ZIP file again and doesn't say it is still creating it.)

Once the ZIP file is created, download and open it. Now open the html folder and open the memories_history.html file with your browser. Now you can see all the memory files of the victim. But as you also can see you have to download every photo/video separately: https://imgur.com/a/08lygg8

Snapchat doesn't give you the option of download it all at once.

But for this I also have a solution: https://github.com/ToTheMax/Snapchat-All-Memories-Downloader

This is a node.js script that lets you download all the memories at once. There is also a readme how to use it. Extract the Snapchat ZIP file in the same folder as the All-Memories-Downloader. So now just open the command prompt, navigate to that folder, type in node main.js and it should work. You can find all memories in the Downloads folder. Done.

Now to outcome 3:

It can often happen that Snapchat notices suspicious activity and wants to send a code to the account's email/phone number. In this case reconnect with your VPN. Same country again but different server (!) Chances are high that this server is in an other region of the country and closer to the victim's region. Then type in the login info again and maybe it works this time. It is really possible that if you connect to a different server in the same country about 3-4 times you suddenly are able to log in normally.

This is it. If you have any questions or problems don't hesitate to PM me. I know this isn't a very fast and highly successful method, but compared to the phone number / SMS method it has its advantages. The key points are that you know where the victim is from and that you have an IP located in the same country/region.

Enjoy 👍❤️

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